What’s The BlueBadge?

The largest companies in the U.S. take advantage of the government’s hiring incentive program. When employers hire people from certain target groups, they get a tax credit.

Qualified people include:

  • Veterans
  • Food Stamp
  • TANF Recipients
  • Long-term unemployed and more

While not every job seeker qualifies, many do.  We help you find out if you qualify for this government benefit.  If you do, we provide you with a BlueBadge.  The BlueBadge can give you an advantage in your job search.

Take the BlueBadge survey now. If you qualify, this could get you that next job.


Is qualifying good? Yes, definitely. If you qualify, it gives you a huge spotlight on your application compared to everyone else.

Do I have to pay? Nope! This is solely for your benefit.

What does this survey ask? The questions are straight from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. It asks about unemployment, if you served in the military, and other related questions to see if you qualify.

What is WOTC? It’s a Federal Program that motivates employers to hire job seekers from certain target groups. These groups include Veterans, Long Term Unemployed, SSI/TANF, Food Stamps, Native Americans, etc. Employers get tax credits for hiring people from these target groups.

Why should I take this survey? This could very well help land you your next job! Employers are always looking for ways to save money, and showing them you possibly qualify for a tax credit could motivate them to hire you.

How long does it take? The survey takes about 3 minutes.

What do I do if I qualify? If you qualify, you will receive a BlueBadge that can be printed, emailed, and even posted on your job board profile. Then, you can send it to employers with your application or bring it in on interview day to enhance your marketability.